What would your very own style be, if it wasn't for that very special piece that says "That is ME!"? That it'd be a cute neckless, a classy scarf, a little leather bag or simply a belt, you will definitely find the missing piece you are looking for here, in the accessories collection of the Jupons d'Amélie.



  • Jewelry

    Bracelets, rings, necklesses or earrings, all those little things that can make the different in a given style. Discover here the jewelry available at les Jupons d'Amélie.

  • Purse

    From the biggest hand bag to the smallest and most discrete clutch bag, a hand bag is also a fashion accessory. Discover here the entire hand bag collection of the Jupons d'Amélie.

  • Belt

    That it is functional or purely aesthetic, a belt can make the difference on how you look. Find here all the belts available at the Jupons d'Amélie.

  • Scarves

    Find here all the scarves of the Jupons d'Amélie, whether they aim to keep you warm or to add that little vintage classic touch to your style.

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